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Victor T Curry Wiki

Real NameVictor Tyrone Curry
Stage NameVictor T Curry
Date Of Birth1960
Age62 years old
Net Worth$500K dollars

Who Is Victor T Curry

Bishop Victor Tyrone Curry is a model pastor, speaker, writer, educator, and social crusader who personifies disciplined leadership. Bishop Curry was ordained over 30 years ago, and since then, he has been inspired to take daily action through service, motivated by commitments to his faith that are divinely prescribed, and re-energized to pursue social justice for all.

Bishop Curry was called to “begin anew” after serving as the pastor of Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church for seven years. As a result, he established the New Birth Baptist Church, Cathedral of Faith International in North Miami. Under his direction, the church’s diverse array of ministries includes the Dr. John A. McKinney Christian Academy, the Dr. E.V. Hill Bible Institute, the New Birth Community Development Corporation, the New Birth Broadcasting Corporation, and AM 1490 WMBM, a 24-hour Gospel Radio Station.

Besides his praise, Bishop Curry is an ordained bishop within the International Bishops Conference under the leadership of Archbishop LeRoy Bailey, Jr., and is the founding moderator of the Progressive Kingdom Baptist Association under the leadership of the Florida General Baptist Convention, Inc.

Victor T Curry Career

Praize began his comedy career in 2017 as an online performer and has continued to consistently provide the best laughs for his flourishing fan base.

His commitment to humanitarian causes inspires countless initiatives and extensions from many organizations. The Haitian community in South Florida and the earthquake victims in Haiti have both received Bishop Curry’s attention and financial support. Bishop Curry keeps his passion and participation alive long after the news reporters leave and the camera lights go out with mission trips, a food pantry, and monetary donations to schools, orphanages, and ministries.

In his capacity as a civic and community leader, Bishop Curry has previously held a number of significant leadership positions, including the presidency of the Miami-Dade branch of the NAACP for several terms, chairman of social justice for the Florida General Baptist Convention, member of the National Board of Directors for National Action Network, and inauguration as president of the South Florida chapter.

Even though he is no longer in those specific responsibilities, Bishop Curry continues to inspire communities and support causes that bring attention to those who are the least, the lost, and the excluded. His efforts to mobilize voters during election years, host town hall meetings and political forums, and do everything in his power to raise the social and political consciousness of his community continue to have an impact and inspire as he passes the torch to aspiring civic and community leaders.

Bishop Curry’s standing in the country encouraged him to accept a position as master of ceremonies at the 50th Anniversary March on Washington and to take part in a panel discussion at the 2013 Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

He has received several accolades that are too many to list, each of which attests to his true charity, selflessness, and distinction. His actions echo the command “to seek first the kingdom,” for he has a duty to uphold and a God to exalt.

Victor T Curry Daughters and Sons

Bishop Curry is the devoted father of two priceless granddaughters, Damari and Londyn, and the adoring grandfather of three lovely daughters, Victoria, Veronica, and Victory, who all fear God.

Victor T Curry Date Of Birth

Victor T. Curry was born in 1960; as of the date this article on Victor T. Curry’s biography and net worth was written, he was 62 years old.

Victor T Curry Net Worth

At the time this story was being written, the estimated value of Victor T. Curry’s fortune was $500,000.

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