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Who’s Tasila Lungu?

Tasila Lungu Mwansa, a small woman legislator from Zambia, was elected as a result of Edgar Lungu, the country’s sixth chief.

She was chosen as the Chawama Member of Parliament, but due of her political inclinations, she is embroiled in a variety of situations. According to what the internet community has decided, perhaps everyone of them is the work of her opponent.

Was Tasila Lungu Arrested?

Tasila Lungu, formerly President Edgar Lungu’s wife, was apprehended by the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Cash Laundering Unit for questioning.

She was recently elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) representing Zambia’s Chawama.

As of this point, Tasila, her significant other Patrick, and Mpika Member of Parliament Francis Kampyanga arrived at the Fee’s central headquarters in Lusaka.

The cross-examinations at the Fee’s office in the province of Lusaka lasted well over an hour. Since they made the decision to keep quiet as they left the construction, attempts to elicit a comment from Ms. LUNGU or her attorney have been ineffective.

Diamond TV said that the Fee didn’t examine her since one of numerous DEC officers is obviously ill.

The next scheduled appearance for Mrs. Tasila Mwansa is scheduled for Friday, June 10, 2022.

Internet users regard Ms. Tasila as a young, tenacious lawmaker, and they are looking out for justice for her. She is referred to as the mother of Chawama because of all the penances she has carried out for them.

Tasila Lungu, a member of parliament, appears prior to December On suspicion of tax evasion, Tasila Lung, a parliament half for Chawama, was introduced earlier than DEC. The examination is already taking place, and on Friday, June 10, the subtleties will be followed by her next appearance.

After she disputed the jokes about the budget on Head 101 in December of the previous year, she was suspended. because it misused the structure and was disconnected from the original material.

Tasila then reiterated that she had no regrets about the suspension she had received for standing up for the system because one cannot work outside the boundaries of the country.

A Chilubi MP named Mulenga Fube stated he was still prepared to defend the building whenever it was ignored in parliament, even if it meant fumbling with papers.

Attractor Chisangano, the deputy speaker of the national assembly, suspended PF MPs on March 15 for a period of 30 days, which ended on April 13. According to Section 22 of the Powers and Privileges Act, she was expelled for disobeying parliamentary protocol.

Being suspended in order to protect the building, according to Ms. Mwansa, was the honorable thing to do. She claimed that Zambians elected them to parliament in order to protect the law, which they did without hesitation.

People sent us to parliament to protect the structure, and that is exactly what we did, said Ms. Mwansa. “We safeguarded the structure because it was the right thing to do; you can’t work past the structure.”

Mr. Tasila Lungu Drug Enforcement Fees And Assessments The Drug Enforcement Fee Cash Laundering Unit contacted Tasila Lungu in the present to examine her expenses. However, the cross examination produced no results because Tasila and her suggestion remained silent and refused to respond to the cops’ questions.

Additionally, Diamond TV reports that the Fee failed to meet with her because one of the DEC officers is allegedly ill.

In a moment, we’ll update you on new details pertaining to the case.

Tasila Lungu Biography

Tasila Lungu joins politics, files for adoption as Councillor in Chawama

President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila Lungu has submitted an application to run in Lusaka’s Chawama constituency’s Nkoloma ward.

Lawrence Sichalwe, a current area member of parliament, served in the ward as a councilor just before him.

Tasila, who announced her candidacy, stated that her motivation for running for office was to improve people’s lives.

After taking journalists on a familiarization tour of several parts of Chawama, she told them that the area’s cleanliness has to be improved.

“I am appalled by the amount of trash I have seen. No human being, in my opinion, deserves to live in such circumstances. We need to figure out how to get rid of the trash, she remarked.

Tasila added that significant actions are required to increase local communities’ access to clean drinking water.

She claimed that, as a woman, she is fully aware of the difficulties that the local women encounter when trying to gather water.

Because we think that the locals themselves may have some solutions to the problems they are encountering, we are here as a part of our engagement process with the community, she explained.

As most PF members do not want to compete with President Lungu’s daughter out of concern that they could be perceived as opposing the Head of State, sources within the PF have revealed that Tasila could win the election without any opposition.

Tasila was taken on a familiarization tour by Chawama MP Lawrence Sichalwe, who said the trip was crucial because it would enable her to understand some of the improvements the PF government has done in the region.


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