Step By Step Guide On How To Make Money On OwoDaily 2022| OwoDaily Review – Is OwoDaily Legit Or Scam?

OwoDaily is a web-based platform that allows people to collaborate and participate in online chores, organize and promote campaigns, earn incentives and bonuses, and participate in digital trading.

The platform was created to help entrepreneurs improve their lives, build their businesses, and care for the Nigerian people.

OwoDaily wants to give everyone the opportunity to work from anywhere in the country and earn money by doing online tasks or participating in sales promotions as OwoDaily+ partners.

Many Nigerians earn commissions for their services or receive rebates for sales transactions on the platform.

OwoDaily is centered on the remote work culture, since anyone may earn money on the platform without having to leave their home.

The platform also allows affiliate marketing agreements between Nigerian firms and online employees, with the purpose of assisting the latter in growing their customer base and increasing their exposure.

In this article, we’ll look at Owodaily reviews [is OwoDaily legit or scam], as well as ways on how to make money on OwoDaily and how to sign up.

What is OwoDaily?

Owodaily is a website that connects marketers, businesses, employees, affiliates, and customers. To put it another way, they act as a liaison between product owners and individuals who will use the products.

What exactly does this imply?

To put it another way, they connect businesses ready to promote their products to affiliates (product promoters) and direct platform users.

To increase sales, businesses can partner with owodaily and offer their products on the site. Workers and affiliates, on the other hand, will assist in the promotion of these products in order to profit.

How To Become A Promoter On Owodaily

To become an OwoDaily promoter, go to the site’s signup page and fill out the Owodaily+ section with your personal information.

Paying for your subscription will complete your account setup. You’ll be able to promote your accounts on social media sites and YouTube channels as a result of this.

Create an account for your business registration. Tap ‘proceed’ after selecting the type of promotion you want to see.

To sign up for OwoDaily, read the instructions below:

  • Access the OwoDaily website here.
  • Locate the registration section.
  • Enter your name and choose the desired username.
  • Fill in your correct email address.
  • Choose and fill in your desired password.
  • Choose your country.
  • Input your phone number.
  • Fill in your birth date.
  • Select which state of the federation you are from.
  • Enter your bank name.
  • Fill in your correct account number.
  • Agree to OwoDaily’s terms of service by ticking the checkmark.

How Owodaily Really Works

The main goal of owodaily is to showcase company products and provide users with various chores to do. They usually work to ensure that everyone benefits from the platform while still making money.

If you want to advertise your business, you can easily join owodaily and list your products on the platform to increase product sales.

In a similar sense, you can become an advertisement to raise brand recognition.

For example, if you want to promote a social media account or page, you can simply register as an advertiser to increase your likes and follows. It could be a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, or another social media account.

The goal is for business owners to sell more products. It’s to make their social pages stand out for ads. The purpose for workers and affiliates on owodaily is to make money.

As a result, all parties benefit. This means that everyone, even website owners, benefits from the platform.

Owodaily Account Types

On owodaily, there are two sorts of accounts. So you can choose between the two options.

Membership plan
• Plus plan

A one-time cost of N3,000 is required for Owodaily membership. You must spend N10,000 to join the plus plan.

Let’s talk about the differences between the two accounts now.

  1. Membership Plan

Some tasks are available with the membership plan. To make money on the platform, you simply need to complete these tasks.

The amount they’ll pay you for each task will be determined by the task’s stated value. You may also make money by referring new clients to your affiliate link. However, before they credit your affiliate account, each consumer you invite must become a verified member.

You’ll also have access to the academy, where you can learn about online marketing.

  1. Plus plan

This plan includes everything from the owodaily membership as well as some additional methods to earn money.

Owodaily plus enables you to make more money by selling products and services to new clients on the site. Each time you make a sale, you’ll get compensated.

You’ll also get money back on personal purchases.

To generate more money on the platform, you now need to join the plus plan.

Regardless of the plan you join, you will receive commission each time you invite a new member.

How to Make Money on OwoDaily

Let’s see whether you can profit from OwoDaily. There are five different ways to make money on the platform.


After successfully creating your membership account, you will have full access to the platform and will be able to complete existing chores without any difficulty.

You will have no trouble making money on OwoDaily after registering.


You can use the website to market your business or brand after creating a business account and receiving the relevant authorisation.

You can use this method to publish tasks for members of the OwoDaily community to complete. This can help you increase sales conversion rates and raise brand awareness.

Linking your company to OwoDaily is a terrific method to increase its worth. The platform employs highly skilled freelance marketers who can assist you in promoting your business across numerous social media networks, hence increasing your brand image.


OwoDaily partners can profit by providing and distributing gift cards to new and existing website users.

However, before partnering with OwoDaily, you must apply and get approved directly. You won’t be able to sell your gift cards on the site unless you do this.

What are the steps to becoming an OwoDaily partner? To apply, simply send an email to

Digital Marketer

On the platform, digital marketers can also make money. OwoDaily will compensate you for your marketing expertise.

Outsourcing your services as an online marketer is another option to make money. As a result, you can profit and get higher service rates.

You can also use the OwoDaily platform to sell your items. Because of its big user base, you are more likely to achieve quick gains. As a result of OwoDaily affiliates’ efforts, you will be able to sell your product faster.


OwoDaily, like other affiliate marketing networks, offers financial incentives to its affiliates, especially when they introduce new users to the platform.

For example, you will receive a 50% affiliate commission if someone joins the platform through your referral link. Affiliates that promote OwoDaily Plus get a fixed commission of 3,000 Naira.

Every OwoDaily member is an affiliate, and they can earn money by referring new members.

Is OwoDaily Platform Worth Joining?

While there may be times when employment is scarce, you should not be concerned.

Owodaily is trustworthy, and most people will want to use it to advertise their businesses and brands. As a result, there should be no hesitation in joining the platform.

So, sure, I believe it is worthwhile to join owodaily.

How to Make Money on Owodaily

I’ll describe the numerous methods each account can make money on the platform because there are two types of accounts available.

As previously stated, the plus plan allows you access to everything on the owodaily membership plan as well as extra methods to generate money.

Below are the several ways to earn money on the platform.

Promoting Social Media Accounts

You can promote sponsors’ social media accounts and get rewarded for it. It could be a social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other.

Taking surveys

One of the ways to make money on the platform is to take surveys.

You must express your viewpoint on a specific subject or topic. They will pay you the specified amount once you complete the task satisfactorily.

Promoting Youtube Accounts

Youtubers will want to advertise their channel in order to gain more subscribers.

It’s difficult to stand out on YouTube, especially if you’re a rookie. As a result, owners of Youtube accounts will wish to work with owodaily to promote their channel.

As a platform employee, all you have to do is help promote the account. You’ll be compensated for your efforts.

Promoting Musics

It all depends on how the music’s owner wants to promote it. But, in most situations, it’s simply to increase the number of likes and downloads.

So all you have to do is hit the like button or download the music, which you can do on audiomack or other music promotion sites.

Creating Articles

Some businesses may require articles to engage their target audiences, which is why owodaily lists article production as a job.

If you can write articles, you can take up this duty and earn money.

Reviewing Apps

Positive app reviews, as you may know, always indicate that the app is trustworthy. And it will almost certainly increase the number of individuals who download the app.

This is why most app developers will want to advertise their job on owodaily to get more downloads. As a result, you may simply earn money by reviewing apps on the marketplace.

These are the several ways you can profit from owodaily. But there are other things to do. If you join the owodaily + plan, you can make extra money.

How To Register For Owodaily?

In just a few minutes, you may register and become a member. Follow the easy instructions below to register.

To begin, go to the signup page on the website.

Then select “becomes a member” and complete the registration form.

Your name, email address, username, phone number, and bank information are all required fields. As shown in the illustration below.

Is OwoDaily legit or Scam

Then, to go to the payment page, click “submit and pay membership fee N3,000.”

After completing the registration process, you will be able to begin executing tasks to earn money on the platform.

Make money on OwoDaily

How to Make Money on Owodaily FAQs

Is Owodaily Legit Or Scam?

Yes. OwoDaily has obtained government registration under the name “TeamXclusive Africa Online LTD” with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Nigeria’s Ministry of Trade has trademarked the term OwoDaily.

Do I Need To Refer?

It is not necessary to invite people to the platform. To cash out your earnings, you do not need to suggest anyone to the platform. You can, however, earn additional money by referring others to the platform.

What are the Membership Payments for OwoDaily?

You can apply for online jobs and earn referral bonuses if you join the platform. OwoDaily+ is primarily for people who want to earn rebates. Affiliate marketers would like it as well. OwoDaily+ is only available to dedicated users.

Below is the list of membership payments for the platform.

  • Membership Fee (Paid only once) – 3,000 Naira
  • OwoDaily+ (For Active Members) – 10,000 Naira
  • Seller Account Registration Fees – 15,000 Naira

When Can I Make Withdrawals?

On OwoDaily, payments are processed once a week. Members can request withdrawals at any time, and funds are sent to the user’s bank account.

Before you may seek payment, you must first meet the minimum payout level.

Who Can List Jobs on OwoDaily?

Members of the platform typically post job openings. Businesses, too, set daily tasks for consumers to complete.

Is OwoDaily an Employer of Labour?

OwoDaily does not create jobs; rather, it serves as a conduit for people to find online jobs.

Businesses and digital marketers search for individuals to complete activities and earn money on the site every day.


Owodaily is a legitimate platform that pays its members for completing activities. You can also sign up for the platform to begin earning money. It’s more of a freelance platform.

Although there are many fraud sites on the internet these days, owodaily is not one of them. They are trustworthy. Anyone can join the site and earn money. To become a member, however, you must pay the required registration cost.

I hope you enjoyed reading this owodaily review[ is OwoDaily legit or scam] and also how to make money on OwoDaily.

Use the comment box below to ask any questions you may have.

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