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Who is Senyo Hosi?

Mr. Senyo Hosi is the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors’ first Chief Executive Officer.

Senyo Hosi Biography

Senyo Hosi has management experience in a variety of industries, including downstream petroleum, industry advocacy, public policy development, finance, logistics, and commodity trading. He is a finance and economic policy analyst.

He graduated from the University of Ghana with an MBA in Finance and an MA in Economic Policy Management. In particular, the deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector, the development of low-sulfur fuel, the conceptualization and rationalization of the Energy Sector Levies Act, and the ensuing debt management interventions, were all made possible by his contributions to the development and implementation of important policies in the Ghanaian energy sector.

In addition to serving on a number of public and corporate boards, including those of the Ghana Highways Authority, the Private Enterprise Federation, Legacy Bonds Limited, and NDK Capital Ltd., he advises the Ministry of Energy.

In a tirade that has now gone viral, Mr. Hosi recently lashed out at the University of Ghana’s administration, calling them inept.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD), speaking in front of a small audience at the 70th anniversary celebration of Ghana’s top institution, yelled at management and professors, emphasizing that “you guys are not thinking.”

The entrepreneur who claimed to have three degrees from the university added, “You are producing individuals with degrees, not people with an education, not people with skills.”

Because they lack the necessary abilities, Mr. Hosi emphasized in the Citi TV film that he would not hire MBA graduates from the University of Ghana.

Senyo Hosi Net Worth

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