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The public became interested in Ruth Odinga’s personal life when she initially entered the spotlight. She is now a devoted mother to her eight now-adult children and a devout wife to her husband. Ruth, the daughter of Oginga Odinga, has mostly kept her family’s business out of the public eye.

Ruth Odinga’s family background and marital status

Ruth Odinga is now 55 years old but still has a youthful appearance. She was born in Kenya’s Kisumu County on February 28, 1963. Six adopted children and two of Ruth Odinga’s biological children make up her family. Ruth, an Oslo University alumna, is a driven businesswoman and political strategist. The public knows the least about her marriage. Ruth Odinga, is she married? Ruth, who has eight children and lives in Bondo, is undoubtedly a strict mother who only wants the best for her family. She also occasionally travels abroad for study purposes. Ruth Odinga’s husband receives little attention in the media and public discourse.

Ruth Odinga and politics

Ruth Odinga is a prominent political figure in Kenya who is renowned for her allegiances. Ruth is a well-known public figure and the step-sister of Raila Odinga, the former prime minister of Kenya. When she expressed interest in running for governor of Kenya, her fight for female equality in politics became clear.

The lives of Raila Amollo Odinga, Ruth Odinga’s aging stepbrother, and Oburu Odinga are closely related. The three most likely adopted the traits of their father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who was Kenya’s first Vice President following independence.

Prior to the 2013 general elections, Ruth Odinga first entered progressive politics, primarily to defeat Jack Ranguma, whom she charged with performing below par. Photos of Ruth Odinga that refer to “Raila’s sister” are now widely available on social media. Ruth revealed who she really was to defend herself. She claimed that instead of just referring to herself as “Raila’s sister,” people should start using her self-made title.

As Jack Ranguma’s deputy governor, Ruth Odinga showed an impressive level of confidence in her abilities. Ruth has, however, kept her family intact despite her troubled political career, demonstrating her sense of self-control and accountability in her private life. Ruth Adhiambo Odinga is a tenacious politician and a fierce mother.

Ruth Odinga speaks of childhood friendship with Uhuru Kenyatta

Ruth Odinga, the younger sister of opposition leader Raila Odinga, looks back fondly on the family’s interactions with the Kenyattas.

It dates all the way back to their early years.

We used to play together when they traveled to Kisumu with their father (Uhuru’s father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta). I have a close relationship with Uhuru and consider him a friend. She claims that only our political paths diverged.

We have grown up in politics because I was born into a political family. Uhuru and I connected over politics. She claims I wouldn’t have known Uhuru if my father hadn’t been involved in politics.

Everything was fine up until the older Kenyatta and Jaramogi’s relationship took a turn for the worse. Not even the kids were spared.

Ruth says that the whole family went through a lot when Kenyatta put Jaramogi under house arrest.

I used to be taken to the Central Police Station for inspection when my father was under house arrest and I was a student at Victoria Primary School in Kisumu at the time. Ruth recalls, “I was made to strip before being examined, then I would be asked to dress again before being given permission to go to school.”

She explains, “I would be transported back to the Central Police Station for screening and clearance at lunchtime.”

The Odingas’ fortunes declined as the connection between the two families deteriorated.

She says, “When my father was in jail, I sold mangoes to get money for ice cream.

She briefly lost touch with the Kenyattas later when she moved to Homa Bay to study for her O and A levels and joined Asumbi Girls.

However, Ruth and Uhuru eventually crossed paths once more.

“I attended Kenya High School while the President attended St. Mary’s. I even knew his sweetheart from college, “she claims.”

Uhuru thereafter traveled to the US to begin his undergraduate education.

Ruth claims that several members of her family have various memories of the Kenyattas.

Ruth Odinga Net Worth

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