Revealed: Check Out The Most Expensive Wig In The World

Wigs are highly sought-after collectibles, especially if they were used in well-known films. They may be worn by people to disguise hair loss or alter their style. But the most expensive wigs typically don’t have luxury in the design or construction of the wig itself. Instead, these wigs depict renowned figures from popular culture. They are the epitome of heirlooms. Most Expensive Wig In The World

Most Expensive Wig In The World

A celebrity’s former wigs may fetch a great price. While women are more likely to wear and purchase wigs, certain male models also fetch exorbitant fees. Here are eight of the uncommon wigs and most expensive wig in the world ever sold.

The pop artist Andy Warhol wore the most costly wig ever. One source claims that Warhol wore his wig to conceal his hair loss rather than as a statement of fashion. At a Christie’s auction in 2006, after his passing, his wig fetched an astounding $108,000.

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