Osmond Gbadebo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Sickness, Cause Of Death, State, Occupation

In this article we will discuss and also get to know the full biography of Osmond Gbadebo and also the Net Worth of Osmond Gbadebo.

Openjason team will provide everything you need to know about the full biography of Osmond Gbadebo, whom has passed away yesterday on Monday, 30th May, 2022, whom is popular in the Nollywood Movie production industry.

Osmond Gbadebo Biography

Osmond Gbadebo is a Nigerian actor who was born in the 1980s. He is a Nigerian actor who has also worked as a director and producer. He died a short while ago. The date is Monday, May 30th, 2022.

Who is Osmond Gbadebo?

He is the founder and CEO of Osmond Communications, as well as a well-known Nigerian filmmaker, producer, and production manager.

Osmond Gbadebo’s Nollywood career has seen him appear in a wide range of films, with a focus on Yoruba cinema.

Osmond Gbadebo Age – Date of birth

His age is unknown, but he appears to be a young man in his forties, possibly born in the 1980s.

Osmond Gbadebo Wife – Children

Osmond was blissfully married to a lovely lady and the father of a two-week-old child. The names of his wife and child are yet unknown; we will inform you when his complete data becomes available.

Osmond Gbadebo State Of Origin

Gbadebo Osmond’s state of origin will be updated later. Because his full identity is unknown to the general population.

Osmond Gbadebo Net Worth

Gbadebo Osmond’s net worth is unknown at this time, but we will update you as soon as we learn more.

As I previously stated, we pledge to gather as much material as possible so that you may learn more about him; stay tuned for Osmond Gbadebo’s comprehensive biography, which will be published soon.

Osmond Gbadebo Early Life and Career

Osmond Gbadebo is a Nigerian native who was born in the country’s South West area. He belongs to the Yoruba ethnic group.

Osmond Gbadebo’s Nollywood career has seen him appear in a wide range of films, with a focus on Yoruba cinema.

Gbadebo Osmond worked as a location manager, production manager, and actor in addition to being an actor, writer, and producer.

Because his areas of competence are concealed from view, he did not become well-known until 2018, when he decided to play the protagonist in the English Ede Oyinbo film.

Osmond Gbadebo Movies

– Inioluwa (2017)
– Wale Danger (2017) Policeman
– Gbada Onikeke (2017)
– Saworo (2018) I.P.O
– Aye Soro (2018)
– Ibujoko (2018)
– Mulika Maradonan(2018) I.P.O
– Malu (2018) Sars
– Duro (2018) Osmond
– Ewure Iya Alake (2018)
– English Ede Oyinbo (2018) Copper Kunle
– Ori Olori (2019) Armed Robber

Osmond Gbadebo Sickness And Death

Yemi Solade, who expressed sorrow at Osmond’s death, claimed the Nollywood actor had been suffering a terrible disease for years but had lost the fight.

The cause of death for Osmond Gbadebo has not been identified, however the deceased appeared delicate and emaciated in a video provided by Laide Bakare, as though he was suffering from a specific illness before to his death.

Nollywood stars have been in mourning since the death of Yoruba film actor Gbadebo Osmond.

Fausat Abeni, also known as Madam Saje, a Yoruba actress, was among the first mourners on Monday evening.

The renowned actress captioned a shot of a burning candle with the text “Goodnight Osmond” and sobbing emojis on her Instagram profile.

Yomi Fabiyi, Adeniyi Johnson, and other Nollywood stars paid tribute to the late actor on their Instagram pages.

“Such a tragic and awful loss, Osmond Gbadebo,” Fabiyi continued. You’re a fighter, and you’ve decided to take a break. Always upbeat, always willing to help, and always friendly. “Rest in strength and serenity.”

“I can’t even upload your photograph since this hits differently,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. Everyone around us knows how much I adore you. Oh, how I want…”

Ibironke Ojo-Anthony, also known as Ronke Oshodi Oke, wrote, “It’s exceedingly difficult for me to say goodnight, Gbadebo Osunmo.” “My sweetheart, rest in peace.”

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