Mutale Mwanza Biography: Net Worth, Age, Early Life, Wiki, Education, Career, Personal Life, children, Husband,

Do you want to know mutale mwanza biography, net worth, age, family, education, husband, and children? This article will discuss mutale mwanza net worth, biography, age, husband, career, and more, so don’t worry—you’re in the correct spot.

Mutale Mwanza Biography

Mutale Mwanza is one of Zambia’s most well-known and successful media figures. She is regarded as the queen of media by some and a big attention seeker by others.

Her work as a reporter, producer, voice actress, event host, and businesswoman have all helped her become more well-known and earn more money.

In this biography of Mutale Mwanza, we cover all there is to know about this stunning media personality who has dominated our TV screens and radio waves for years.

Who is Mutale Mwanza?

Mutale Mwanza, one of Zambia’s most well-known and successful media figures, is alternately referred to as “the queen of media” and “a major attention seeker.” Her success and fame are a result of her work as a journalist, producer, voice actress, event host, and businesswoman.

When was Mutale Mwanza born?

Mutale Melissa Mwanza was born in Kitwe, in the province of the Copperbelt, on October 22, 1987.

Mutale Mwanza’s early life and family

Mutale Melissa Mwanza was born in Kitwe, in the province of the Copperbelt, on October 22, 1987.

Mutale Mwanza has some sisters, yet no information about her siblings has been made public based on her social media posts. Additionally, not much is known about Mutale Mwanza’s parents other than the fact that her father died.

On April 28, which would have been her father’s birthday had he been alive, Mutale posted a touching message on Facebook, wishing his father a happy heavenly birthday. This touched the hearts of her fans, who then flooded her with comforting messages.

Mutale Mwanza’s educational background

At Nkana Trust School, Mutale Mwanza started her basic education in 1993 and finished it in 1999.

She then enrolled in St. Jones Convent School to begin her secondary studies, but after the first term, switched to Ibenga Girls Secondary School, where she finished in 2004.

Mutale Mwanza enrolled in Zamtel College after finishing her secondary education and graduated with a Diploma in Business Administration in 2006. In 2009, she earned a journalism certification from the Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation (MEF).

Mutale Mwanza’s career

When Mutale Mwanza was hired as a co-host for a well-liked breakfast show on Flava FM in 2007, she formally began her career in the media. After five years of working for Flava FM, bigger options became available to her.

Mutale Mwanza left Flava FM and relocated to South Africa in search of better opportunities. In 2013, she made history by becoming the first woman from Zambia to write, co-produce, and host her own show. The entertainment and lifestyle program Kumwesu was broadcast on DSTV Africa Magic.

Later, Mutale Mwanza was hired to host the Red Hot Breakfast Show at Hot FM, one of the biggest radio stations in the nation.

When Mutale Mwanza’s contract was terminated in February 2021 for alleged cyberbullying that went against the company’s policies and brands, her career on Hot FM quickly came to an end.

Along with her work in radio and television, Mutale Mwanza has also been a voice artist for well-known companies like Samsung, where she was hired in 2013 to be the voice of their app called The Kleek.

The Mutale Mwanza Show, which Mutale Mwanza hosts, has been broadcasting on her social media platforms since 2021. She has a sizable social media following that she refers to as her M-Nation.

Mutale Mwanza co-hosts the hour-long conversation show Tuvwange Lifestyle on Zambezi Magic in addition to her own program.

Mutale Mwanza Net Worth

Mutale Mwanza Net worth is not revealed yet.

Mutale Mwanza endorsement deals

Mutale Mwanza is a brand ambassador for numerous companies thanks to her media presence and devoted following, and she is one of the most sought-after ambassadors by well-known companies.

Mutale was chosen in 2018 by the local government minister to represent the Keep Zambia Clean, Green, and Healthy campaign. She was appointed a goodwill ambassador for Operation Ubusaka the following September.

Mutale collaborated with Lifebuoy on the COVID-19 campaign in 2020, encouraging her followers to wash their hands to stop the spread of the fatal illness. She also collaborated with Plan International that year to promote the rights of girls.

Mutale has also collaborated with 1X-Bet, L’amour-Skin by Agatha, and Bio Oil.

Mutale Mwanza’s romantic relationships

Mutale Mwanza, who was 20 at the time, wed a man she exclusively refers to as KM2 in 2007. Mutale gave birth to Mwape, her first and only son, in the same year.

Although the media personality said that she and her ex-husband are on good terms and co-parents to their kid, Mutale and her ex-husband’s reasons for divorcing have not been made public. She also disclosed that she is good friends with her ex-husband’s and that he has remarried.

Sources claim that Mutale Mwanza is currently single. We are unsure if she is looking, but we assume that if you have a crush on her, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for it.

Who bought Mutale Mwanza a Range Rover?

Mutale Mwanza’s showy Range Rover, which she flaunts on social media, was purchased by Kingslay Chanda, the director general of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

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