Magnus Carlsen Net Worth 2022 And Biography

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Magnus Carlsen Wiki

Full NameSven Magnus Oen Carlsen
Nick NameMagnus Carlsen, The Flying Dutchman
Date Of Birth30 November 1990
Birth PlaceTonsberg, Norway
Age31 years old
Sexual OrientationStraight
Height1.7 m/5’7″
Weight68 kg/149 lb
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown

Magnus Carlsen Net Worth 2022

Magnus Carlsen’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million by Celebrity Net Worth. His income comes from sponsorships, YouTube channels, and tournament awards.

He is one of the co-founders of the Android and iOS device-compatible app Play Magnus AS. As a result, he signs a record-breaking contract with Unibet and makes $2 million from endorsements. Carlsen also agreed to endorse Simonsen Vogt Wigg, Arctic Securities, Mastercard, Skilling, and Instaforex.

He was chosen by Cosmopolitan as one of the “Sexiest Men of 2013.” Significantly, he supports the soccer team Real Madrid fiercely. He plays soccer frequently and currently holds the top spot in the 2019 Premier League fantasy game.

Net Worth and Earnings

Magnus wins big cash prizes by playing chess both live and online. He made $510,586.52 in 2020 and $303,946.64 in 2021.

A player of his quality draws several sponsorship offers from prestigious corporations. Magnus has collaborated with companies like Unibet and G-Star RAW. The chess prodigy used Unibet to demonstrate his card abilities at the Norwegian Poker Championship.

Additionally, Carlsen is involved in other business ventures. He is the owner of the tech company Play Magnus, which initially created chess-related apps but has since grown to include a dozen affiliates. Such chess-related subsidiaries as, iChess, and Aimchess are owned by them. His net worth now stands at over $8 million.

How did Magnus Carlsen earn his net worth?

Numerous chess professionals have publicly claimed that it is nearly hard to get wealthy by merely playing the game at a high level of competition. Magnus was able to disprove them by becoming a professional and winning an estimated $750,000 from chess tournaments alone.

Although Carlson was able to accumulate a $15 million estimated net worth, chess competitions were not the only source of his wealth.

Magnus’s yearly chess tournament earnings are thought to be $750,000. His popularity with the public led businesses like Microsoft to give him sponsorship opportunities, boosting his earnings over that amount. Carlson also agreed to a contract with the clothing company G-Star Raw, for which he received an undisclosed sum of money. His contract with the apparel firm was for his modeling services because, together with actress Liv Tyler, he became one of the brand’s main ambassadors.

Magnus launched MagnusChess AS in early 2007 to better manage his resources and finances. Magnus and his father share ownership of the business, with Carlsen holding an 85 percent stake. MagnusChess AS, which later became the parent business of his second one, Play Magnus AS, would receive and manage all of his earnings.

Magnus founded Play Magnus AS to build software and publish his chess mobile app.

The app had 2.8 million downloads by 2017, and the business merged with in 2019. Early in 2020, Magnus attracted a round of investment for Play Magnus worth an estimated $13.5 million, reducing his ownership interest to 16 percent while maintaining his position as Play Magnus AS’s public face.

His forays outside of the chess community should not be disregarded. According to some estimates, Carlsen makes almost $2 million a year from his endorsements, modeling contracts, and partnership with G-Star Raw.

Magnus Carlsen is not just one of the best players of the present age, but he has also made enough progress to guarantee that he will be remembered as a legendary player for years to come.

There isn’t much for Carlsen to do now that he’s the world chess champion, but if he can hold onto the title for a considerable period of time, he just might end up being remembered as one of the greatest players ever.

What Made Him So Successful?

Magnus Carlsen’s magnetic demeanor made him popular with the general public. In addition to chess, his success as a fashion model helped him gain a sizable following elsewhere.

Carson’s success came about as a result of his indisputable chess play, which was followed by wise business choices. Unlike the majority of other top-level chess players, Carlson established two businesses to handle his finances and make investments in other businesses.

Carlsen’s persistence and perseverance paid off. The biggest company to choose to sponsor Magnus is Microsoft, who did so by associating their name with him. Carlson was given a modeling contract by G-Star Raw, who also made the decision to invest in him and use him as part of their marketing image.

Without Carlsen’s wise career management choices and persistent attempts to rank among the most well-known chess players of the recent decades, these deals would not have been conceivable.


A Norwegian chess player named Magnus Carlsen won the 2013 World Chess Championship, making history as the second-youngest world champion at the age of 22.He was a chess prodigy who had turned into a Grandmaster at the age of 13 in 2004 and, at the age of just 19, was ranked No. 1 in the world in 2010.Magnus Carlsen’s net worth is projected to be at $50 Million as of July 2022.

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