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In this article, openjason brings to you a biography of another celebrity, Kidist Kifle. So, we will get to know more about Kidist Kifle Biography and everything will need to know more about him including Kidist Kifle Net Worth. Let’s dive into this.

Kidist Kifle Biography

Kidist Kifle is a makeup artist with a base in Zambia, however she does not provide professional services. She rose to fame after a social media video of her spanking the late singer Daev went viral.

The fact that the footage emerged after the artist reportedly died in a vehicle accident and was said to have been involved in it is what angered people. The situation got so bad that people began to demonstrate and chant, “We demand justice for Daev,” and the Zambian Police became involved. Despite everything that had occurred, the video was not providing any evidence for Daev’s passing.

Kidist Kifle Age

Kidist Kifle is said to be 21 years old According to a source Zambian Report on Facebook.

Kidist Kifle Career

There’s no information yet but this article would be updated. You can check back.

Kidist Kifle Education

Kidist, Yo Maps’ girlfriend, has given up on school and moved home with the musician.

Kidist Kifle, the late Daev’s girlfriend, and musician Yo-Maps have been living together for months after a video of her torturing Daev went online.

According to reliable sources, Kidist, who was a second-year student at the University of Zambia, has quit school and claims she only wants to hang around with Yo Maps.

According to Nkani, the 19-year-old hasn’t gone home in a while and isn’t interested in going back to school.

Yo-Maps was recently seen enjoying his birthday with Kidist and emphasizing the phrase “Chikubabe Season” in a video that was posted on social media.

Fake ‘Hips’ Takes Kidist Kifle To Court, To Pay K800,000

The Lusaka High Court has filed a lawsuit against Kidist Kifle, the wife of Elton Mulenga alias Yo-Maps, for criticizing a herbal supplement that enlarges female hips.

Kidist Kifle is said to have committed to promote a “Congo 2 shape up hips” for Congo Kwetu natural products in 2021, according to court documents submitted to the Lusaka highcourt.

Kidist Kifle consented as part of the arrangement to use the product on herself, participate in photo shoots featuring the product, and serve as an advertisement model before it was made available for consumption in Zambia.

According to Congo Kwetu Natural Products, Kidist Kifle consented to utilize the remedy for two months in order to determine whether it will improve her hips.

It is stated that Kidist Kifle made defamatory remarks against the product after two months of trials and improving results as agreed, which damaged its reputation, reduced its market value, and prevented it from entering the Zambian market through ZAMRA since it may be a waste of money.

requesting K800,000 in compensation and any other remedy the court may consider appropriate.

Kidist Kifle is thought to have tweeted on her social media page distancing herself from the Congo Kwetu natural products on dates unknown but between November 2021 and June 2022.

I’m suing because I have nothing to do with this nonsense, I don’t take supplements, and I strongly oppose their use. Kidist Kifle wrote: “Peace of mind and agreed diet is the secret to gaining weight. Do not be fooled.

Kidist Kifle Nationality

Kidist Kifle hails from Zambia. Kidist Kifle is a Zambian based makeup artist, but doesn’t do professional make up.

Kidist Kifle Boyfriend

Kidist Kifle boyfriend is Yo Maps and these couples are married enjoying life in cape town.

Yo Maps And Kidist Kifle’s Honeymoon

Yo Maps and Kidist Kifle, a newlywed couple, are currently enjoying life in Cape Town. It is nothing short of incredible that the pair recently traveled by plane to the Mother City to commemorate their honeymoon.

We are amazed by their journey because it is delivering what it should. Kidist used her Facebook page to share a preview of the envious honeymoon with her followers. The pair made the decision to relax at the beach, and they posted photos of their outing.

On April 23, 2021, the pair exchanged vows in a magnificent white wedding that their families and close friends attended.

Despite being together for a number of years, the couple is still going strong. In addition to the child they share, Yo Maps also has a child outside of marriage with Prudence Mwizukanji Nankamba. He was charged with not paying papgeld a few years ago, but it appears he is now involved in the lives of his daughter.

He just posted on social media to celebrate his daughter’s birthday “The happiest day of my life has just passed, and I’m the luckiest man alive. On Bukata’s birthday, Tendai got to know her. Am fortunate to have two daughters. Bana Tendai sincerely appreciate the presents. In the name of Jesus, no weapon formed against you shall prosper “He composed.

Kidist Kifle Instagram

Kidist Kifle Instagram

Kidist Kifle Facebook

Kidist Kifle Facebook page

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