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Jaco Jacobs Biography

Jaco Jacobs is a well-known South African author of children’s books. He was born on February 22, 1980. He writes a lot in Afrikaans, and a lot of it.

He is the most well-known Afrikaan-language children’s book author in the entire world.

More than 170 children’s books by Jaco Jacobs have been published, and more than a million copies of his works have been sold worldwide. Let’s have a peak at some fascinating information about this famous author.

Jaco Jacobs Early Life

On February 22, 1980, Jaco Jacobs was born in Carnarvon, South Africa’s northern tip.

He was raised in the Karoo, one of the most remote regions of the globe, in a little village in South Africa.

Jaco Jacobs had a passion for reading from a very young age. He began investigating a literary profession while still in school. As an aspiring novelist, he has taken part in various contests.

Pretpark, Jaco Jacobs’ debut picture book, was created when he was still a student.

Jaco Jacobs Education

Jaco Jacobs started writing when he was still in school, but openjason has yet to clarify specifics on the name of the institution.

Jaco Jacobs Personal Life

Jaco Jacobs is happily married to a woman who goes by the name of Elize Jacobs. The two families were rewarded with two beautiful children, Mia and Emma Jacobs.

He has a severe fear of heights, so anything involving climbing or heights always makes him queasy.

Additionally, he is terrible at tying a good knot when tying a tie. Lasagne is another of his favorite dishes.

Jaco Jacobs Personal Life

Jaco Jacobs wrote and published the majority of his novels in Afrikaans. His first book to be published internationally was one of his most well-known works, “A Good Day for Climbing Trees,” which was released by Oneworld Publications in the United Kingdom.

He published a book titled “A Good Night for Shooting Zombies” in the year 2018.

One of his books, A Good Night for Shooting Zombies, was chosen and made into a film in South Africa.

Both A Good Day for Climbing Trees and A Good Day for Shooting Zombies were nominated for the Carnegie Medal. A Good Day for Climbing Trees was also translated into Italian.

One of his young adult books, Suurlemoen!, was chosen as an International Board on Books for Young People selection in 2007. (IBBY).

Jaco Jacobs has also translated more than 250 novels from English and Dutch into Afrikaans.

One of the books he translated, Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell, won both the SATI Prize and the Elsabe Steenberg Prize for children’s book translation.

Jaco Jacobs Net Worth

The exact amount of Jaco Jacobs’ Net Worth is unknown, however we may estimate that it is close to $2 million.

Jaco Jacobs Books

  • A Good Day for Climbing Trees Suurlemoen!
  • Perfek
  • Vis & tjips
  • Virus
  • Toulopers: verse vir tieners
  • Verlief
  • Tande
  • Eks Mal Oor Jou
  • Kougom in my hare
  • Superboetie
  • Draakasem

Jaco Jacobs Awards

  • C.P. Hoogenhout Award
  • Alba Bouwer Prize
  • Tienie Holloway Medal
  • Scheepers Prize for Youth Literature
  • Alba Bouwer Prize

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