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George Wajakoya Biography
Wajakoya Biography

George Wajackoyah Biography

Who is George Wajackoyah?

A Kenyan politician, attorney, clergyman, and educator by the name of George Wajackoyah. The Roots Party, a political organization in Kenya that supports the legalization of marijuana, is where he is best known. In addition to representing some of the most powerful figures in society, Wajackoyah has an impressive résumé. George Wajackoyah biography.

George Wajackoyah is an illustration of a person who expertly shaped his destiny. He was originally a street youngster, afterwards a night watchman, and made a living by digging graves. He is currently a law professor, a priest, a politician, and one of the front-runners to become the president of Kenya in August 2022. He is a well-educated man who has at least 16 degrees outside of his field of work and speaks 11 languages, including regional dialects.

George Wajackoyah Early Life

At St. Mary’s Hospital in Jinja, Uganda, George Luchiri Wajackoyah was born on October 24, 1959 (he will be 63 years old in 2022). He is the son of Melania Makokha and Tito Olilo Jakoya (mother). Even though he was born in Uganda, his father gave him Kenyan ancestry.

George Wajackoyah was raised in the Kenyan town of Indangalasia in West Wanga, Mumias, Kakamega County. His father was born and raised in the same village, Indangalasia. In addition, George’s mother was born in Kenya’s Betula, in the county of Busia. Wajackoyah’s mother is the source of his Ugandan heritage.

The parents of Gabriel Ondenga, his maternal grandfather, were immigrants from Samia, a powerful tribe of the Bakhulo clan. The clan is made up of varied Bantu-speaking residents of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The Bakhulo are a Luhya-speaking ethnic group that inhabits Busia County in Kenya.

George fled to Nairobi when he was 16 and started living on the streets. He joined other homeless kids and picked up trading. Fortunately, George and other street kids were saved by the Hare Krishnas, who also gave them sanctuary. He had to accept Hare Krishna and join the movement. George rapidly adapted, sought solace in the Krishnas, and assumed the identity of Krishna Balaram.

After completing his O’levels (primary school), George was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to pursue his secondary education by one of the Hare Krishnas. George enrolled in St. Peter Mumias Boys High School as a result, where he earned his A levels in 1980. He enrolled in the Kenya Police Training College, Kiganjo, after high school to pursue a degree in policing and criminal investigation.

Wajackoyah left the nation and relocated to the UK in 1990. While living in the UK, he enrolled in local institutions and obtained twelve legal degrees from Westminster & UOL Birkbeck, Warwick, Wolverhampton, and London (SOAS).

The educational history of George Wajackoyah is excellent. He holds numerous law degrees from numerous international colleges. He has also studied economics, philosophy, security and intelligence, and African studies.

George Wajakoya Career, George Wajackoyah Career

George enrolled in the Kenya Police Training College, Kiganjo, after finishing high school to study policing and criminal investigation. After completing his education in Kiganjo, George Wajackoyah joined the police as a recruit constable and worked his way up to the Inspectorate rank.

He was given the responsibility by the Police Service in 1990 to gather information regarding the passing of the late Foreign Affairs Minister Robert Ouko. Wajackoyah’s luck unfortunately turned bad when his interest in the investigations resulted in his arrest, forcible confinement, and brutal torture, which nearly cost him his sight.

Thank goodness some Americans had prepared for his release. George, however, decided to leave the nation since he no longer felt comfortable there and eventually made his way to the United Kingdom. Wajackoyah spent time and thought studying law in the UK. He needed to figure out a method to pay for his tuition, though. He therefore turned to grave digging and night security guarding.

Wolverhampton, London (SOAS), Warwick, Westminster, and UOL Birkbeck are just a few of the UK universities where George Wajackoyah received his legal education. After that, he started practicing law in the UK and founded an immigration-focused practice. Before coming to the US, Wajackoyah lived and worked as a lawyer in the UK for twenty years.

George decided to pursue his education in the USA and enrolled at the University of Baltimore’s LLM program. He did, however, also work in the United States as a professor of law and an educator at the American Heritage University of Southern California.

2010 saw Wajackoyah’s return to Kenya, where he founded Luchiri & Co. Advocates. The professor declared in 2021 that he would run for president of Kenya on August 9, 2022. His group, the Roots Party, supports Kenya’s legalization of marijuana.

At the University of Nairobi’s Institute of Migration as of 2022, Wajackoyah is a faculty member. She also teaches international law as a law lecturer at the United States International University-Africa. The Kenyan electoral commission (IEBC) authorized the attorney to run for president of Kenya in June 2022.

Wajakoya Education, George Wajackoyah Education

Wajackoya attended Mumias Boys High School to complete his A-level coursework. After that, he went to the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, where he majored in law and received his degree in 1996. He earned a master’s degree in law from the University of Warwick in 1998.

The professor afterwards earned a master’s degree in law (us law) from the University of Baltimore.

George Wajakoya Wife, George Wajackoyah Wife

George Wajakoya Child, George Wajackoyah Child

George is married and has a kid. His African-American wife has accompanied him on all of his business and political endeavors. Wajackoyah also has children, although we don’t know their names yet. Living in Nairobi, Kenya, is the attorney.

George Wajackoyah Net Worth

Even though it is unknown what exactly Wajackoyah’s net worth is, he is a wealthy man. He does, however, make the majority of his money from practicing law and teaching.

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